Sunday, August 15, 2010

Old Friends...

Not old as in age, old as in have been around for FOREVER....

Do you guys have friends you have had for forever? Well I have one friend that I have had since elementary school! It is amazing how we have stayed friends through god awful middle school, worse high school experiences and me finally go to a different high school, going to colleges in different states and now she is MARRIED! So a few weeks ago I call my friend and it goes something like this:

"ohmygosh! Carrie you never answer the phone!"
"YES! And I have big news!!!"
"....... you're not pregnant are you?!"
"NO! I am moving to SWEDEN!"
"....... wait what?"
"I am moving to Sweden to go to glassblowing school!!!"
"Do you know how refreshing it is to have a friend who doesn't follow 'big news' with either a marriage or a baby?!?!? and I am going to have live vicariously through you!!!"
and then went on for a while more ending with me in tears from laughing so much and so hard. You know you have a good friend when you haven't seen them since their wedding (last fall) and you call them and drop that on them and instantly make plans to hangout once you are in the same state again!

So, Carrie has known me since I looked like this:
(I am the little blond one in the front and that is my older sister cutting off the head of our oldest neighbor kid) (I am the little blond one the front. My older sister is the one cutting off the head of one of our neighbors...)

Anyway, Carrie arrives at 10:30, gets a tour of the new house my parents moved into and brings us this delightful treat she made. Everything is handmade, the apples came from her yard and she made the orange jam! One day she is going to open an amazing bakery and become world famous even if she would be happy just being famous in Pittsboro, NC.
We went to a new pub in town that Val told me about called the Sly Fox which was amazing!! I think I will be going back before I leave. We went to visit my dad at the art school he is going to in town called Mims Studio. They had gotten in a REAL skeleton they got off Ebay! I don't know if it is legal to sell bodily remains on Ebay... it was really creepy! Really made me think about how creepy shows are like Bones that I really like... I am glad I am not going to be touching dead people and all their goop and bones and stuff!!! Yuck! Then, we walked around downtown Southern Pines going in all the completely absurd stores. There are more redic jewelry and accessory stores in those 4 blocks then anywhere else in the world. Mostly we made fun of ugly things, coveted expensive bags and shoes and tried to figure out what really odd things were and who would possibly use them?!?! Finally we went to a local coffee shop to get some ice coffees and sit in the air conditioning! It was weird to say "its not too bad, like it has been out there" and it was like 93 degrees!

All day we talked about our dreams of moving on and changing our lives, being grown ups... or sort of grown ups. Her being married and how far we have come. We reminisced over elementary school where she and her cousin "ran" the monkey bars. These monkey bars were so high up it seemed that one someone fell off them you didn't hear them hit the ground. She and her cousin would sit on top and tell you if you could climb across that day or if you had to come back another day. It took me until 4th grade, I think, before I could even reach from one bar to another! We also spent a lot of time in time out on patios on the other side of the playground from each... this was because the teachers thought we should not impress people with the fact that I could put my feet behind my head and she would grab me by my arms and swing me in circles until I finally popped open and laughed till we fell over. Silly teachers... We talked about lucky we were for getting to read books before they made it on the banned book lists for public schools in NC because we had great teachers. How she had those glasses that get dark when you go outside and I made her run in and out of the school over and over again so we could see them change. The first time you got your name on the board... or for me the last fifteen minutes of school trying to make it through the day without getting that dreaded 3rd mark next to your name for the day. The principle of the school wearing a cow costume on Halloween and directing traffic with utters flying! And I remembered kicking the first boy in the balls.... I planned it out. He was making fun of me for days, my dad sad "kick 'em in the balls" which I am still not sure if he was joking or not, and I wore some boots and slammed him in the classroom right next to my desk. Instantly got sent to the principle's office and just said "my daddy told me to." How this one idiot kid chipped a tooth on a chicken nugget and then a year later hit his head on desk while he was sitting on it and chipped the other tooth. Even at a young age we knew he was an idiot. Next thing we knew it was 5 o'clock and we had been talking for forever. It was time for her to go home to her HUSBAND! I still can't get used to saying that. It is always so nice to be able to pick back up like no time has passed and have the same sense of humor. The same sneaky bitchy thoughts about stupid people and the same schemes... This is one friend I will never go out of touch with. (and she bakes amazing treats!)

Then Saturday night I met Val at a place called O'Donnels to see some live music. The band was called Cabin Fever and the poster made me think blue grass... NOPE! It was a cover band that did songs from the 70's and 80's, some good and some awful. We sat around drinking and talking about all of the people in the bar. We didn't know any of them since it wasn't a holiday and thus our entire high school wasn't in town to visit. But there were so many people.... where do they go in the day in SP? You never see young people, much less attractive people who look like they like to go out... But the bar was packed! I randomly met a guy who was college roommates with one of Sam's friends in Amherst County! It was very surprising and interesting. When we left we saw there was a hotgod (aka hot dog... but they are soooo good I call them hotgods) stand outside the bar and planned to break Val's vegetarian streak. But then there were 2 policeman at the stand... which made me not want to go there... made it was dirty, maybe they would think we had to much to drink, maybe they were getting hotgods? whatever... we went to Cookout and got amazing hotgods! It was a delightful treat at 1:30AM!

Val and I are trying to plan my last few days here... we went to go to this restaurant, a new (to me) bakery, the old coffee shop hangout, and many more that I can't remember right now. It will be a busy few days. The good news is I am feeling much better now. I still cough but not every 15 seconds any more! And, I think I will be healthy by the time we leave on THURSDAY! that is t minus 4 days!!! HOLY COW!!! I need to get my knickers in order.


  1. I got a good laugh at the ball-kicking saga... too funny

  2. Hahaha you said knickers!!! Also you look the same in the kindergarten pic. AND you forgot to mention that the one cop was quite attractive and I fell for him in a heartbeat when he grinned at me (but i guess you missed all that as you were driving!) Good times my friend. Also... I need to get some famous treats from Carrie... they look AMAZING.