Thursday, August 19, 2010

"I'm leeeeeeaaaaaaaving on a jet plane..." - in a singsong voice

Gooooooodbye my American chums! Today I get on my airplane and officially go to SWEDEN!!!! Sam is taking my mom and I to the airport to see me off all proper and cute like in the movies and then at 8ish Swedish time (6 hours ahead of east coast time) I will land outside of Stockholm. Then take a train to my Aunt's town of Norrköping, where we will be until Sunday!!!

I need to go, eat breakfast, organize my carry-on, etc etc and bounce around with excitement. Last night Jenny asked me to rate my excitedness on a 1-10 scale... I am a 10-9. On nervousness I am a 5, but that will probably go up Sunday, since I start class Monday!

Next time I write it will be from Sweden!


  1. I am a 10 on the excitedness scale!!!

  2. Bon voyage! I am excited for you!