Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"The only normal people are the one's you don't know very well." ~ Alfred Adler

Well, all is normal here in Orrefors.  Last week we continued working on the two colors... I made a plate with a folded in lip.  It took me all week and I finally got one slightly crooked one... Not my best week.
I also spent a lot of the week working on these graal and ariel blanks which always takes forever.  I don't know why I never give it enough time to decorate them...
I also found the upstairs of my house! I went up there to see if it was large enough to host a small dinner for my friends and I found a FOOZEBALL TABLE (table soccer)!! It was a little bit broken but we got it working and had a nice quit evening of playing foozeball on Friday night with Jonatan, Bjorn, Rune, Philip, Frieda and Tanja.  It was nice to hangout and not be at a party, just very chill.
Saturday was the open house at school.  We sold some glass for the Venice trip to the visitors.  There were a lot of parents from the highschool students, they were doing parent/teacher meetings also.  Malin and I sat with the table in the front hall:
We also sold fika, or coffee/sandwiches to the visitors.
Natalie and Sofie sold saffron buns, cheese sandwhiches, ham, cookies, coffee, saft and glugg! It was great for us because most of us hadn't eaten before we came to school and we got it free.
Here is the school's Christmas tree... you would think it would be more decorated since we are a glass school but it just has little glass candy canes on it.  But! It is the first tree of my season :)
This weekend there was incredible winds here... lots of trees fell which is not so normal for around here.  It was amazing the length of the storm also. So, naturally I spent the day inside hiding from the cold and wind and rains.  I emailed glassblowers in Austin, worked on more graals and planned how I am going to cook a sort of Thanksgiving dinner for my friends this coming weekend!

This week has been more of the same... I will post some pictures tomorrow of how it is going :)

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