Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days." ~ Benjamin Franklin

No, Papa doesn't smell, but he has been at school now for three whole days!   

Here is a recap... 
Free blowing in the morning... trying to get Papa's fingers to remember how to do all this stuff.
 He made two small bowls which he thought were very ugly.  We also played with some optic molds and I took him around the factory showing him things.
In the afternoon we went to the cold show where we engraved on some plates I am going to blow using the Ravenna technique.  It is a small plate with color, you engrave/sandblast a design into, reheat it and then blow it into a bigger plate.  I will explain more later.
 It took forever because the sand blaster was broken :(

Monday was also Halloween! There was a party at the student house and I went as Black Swan!
 Papa did my make up for me then went to bed.
 Here is Freda the zombie (she was the only person to recognize my character!) looking very dead.
 Super scary Erika as a vampire and Bjorn as a dead solider.
 And the classic ghost in a sheet... she was just missing Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin!
 And Phillip was Jesus with the dead solder... 

We blew in molds in the morning and Papa learned to marver like a Swede... counter clockwise and etc.
 And blew some cups and some triangle dishes.
 He got two in the anneahler but neither of them are keepable I think because they are so thin.  I said he could have some of mine to engrave and cut on in the cold shop if he wants.
 He got really good though, he got to the point where he could do all the steps without using the glory hole or anything.  He asked how long the students here spend on this and I said forever but, we don't get to use such big pipes like I gave him and we aren't allowed a glory hole to cheat and reheat things... we just have to start over and over again!
 I think he was pleased I gave him some easier tricks to help speed up the learning process!
 We finished engraving our Ravenna plates... I did one with a dandelion on it,
 And this one which turned out a bit weird....
 I didn't get the color very is SUPER thick in the middle... so we will see how it turns out in the end.
 I didn't get a picture of it but Papa did one with orange poppies on top of a blue background.

That evening we sifted sand to do some sand casting.  We got this giant bag full of holes with some sand in it from school and had so sift out all the lumps.
 It only took about 30 minutes and we were done!
We did sand casting all day at school.  We brought the sand (which is mixed some with some clay very fine) and mixed it with some water and dumped it in this big metal container.  Then we mashed stuff into it to make a shape to pour the glass into and sprayed it with graphite spray so the glass doesn't stick too much to the sand.  Here is my face (literally mashed my face into the sand while everyone around me laughed hysterically) and Papa formed a face with his hands (so boring).
 And here is us doing another set, I made a little man with colors and Papa did a woman's torso in green.
 I gather glass with a giant scoop and bring it over....
 And pour and pour and finally Papa cuts the string off and I go and get more.
 Here is the second scoop for his torso.
 And the scoop is SUPER heavy!
 And then they sit and smoke a bunch and we wait for them to cool enough to hold their shape when we pop them out of the sand!
 Then we tired some with chunks of color in them instead of powder.
 Papa did a self portrait.
 This one bubbled some due to the steam in the sand.
 Then I did my foot in the sand... which was nice and slightly warm by then :)
 And Papa did a glass of beer in powder color and some baking soda to give it actual bubbles in the glass.
 We did casting all day! I even had to use the HUGE scoop a few times to bring over enough glass! Åke said that Bertil Vallien is going to be doing some of his big sand casting things at Åfors before Christmas so hopefully I will be able to see how it is really done soon :) I was exhausted and ready to go home at the end of the day! We have big plans for tomorrow though! 

After school I had a riding lesson and Papa said he would come and watch me jump. I got to ride Poseidon who was his charming self and seemed to like Papa.  
My teacher said we are going to practice on balance today and we should go over some poles on the ground without stirrups and then jump after that.  But we only had to jump without stirrups if we wanted to, she said she didn't want to kill the older ladies.  I figured I would see how it goes, Poseidon tends to exaggerate jumping and that might be hard to stay on without stirrups...  So I go and jump a tiny cross rail and it went well so Pia put the jump up and Poseidon jumped it like a deer.  I looked down while going over the jump to find something to grab onto and saw about a foot of space between my ass and the saddle... my knees were over the top of the saddle!  So, Pia goes "do it again but this time with your stirrups please!" haha!  I was the only one willing to try with out stirrups and then she makes me take them back anyway! 

Tomorrow we will do blowing almost all day I think.  Micke is going to help me do the Ravenna plates which should be a lot of fun!


  1. Gosh- how will you ever get him to go home! It looks like a wonderful trip - but please tell him to shower at least once while he is there!
    Hugs all around!

  2. Gosh Don sure does look cute sitting at the bench working the glass!!!