Friday, November 25, 2011

“Coexistence... what the farmer does with the turkey - until Thanksgiving.” ~ Mike Connolly quotes

Dear god, am I full!  We just had a little Swedish Thanksgiving celebration.  Once again, two Americans and bunch of people who have only see turkey in the movies... what is wrong with this part of the world? Why do they not eat turkey?!?! I mean, of course, they don't have Thanksgivings... they didn't have pilgrims and Indians... but they still have turkeys right? Or do they just grow (live?) in America?

So, here is our Thanksgiving Turkey Feast!
Chef Rune carving the bird:
 (there was a lot of debate if it was a turkey or chicken or some hybrid... or a very small turkey... it tasted good no matter what!)
And now the spread!
 We also had gravy and a curry sauce for the potato strips I think.
 Home made bread! And some potato salad, fruit salad, roasted veggies, and, I think thats it!

So, we have Phillip at the head of the table furthest away... Linnea to this right, me, Tanja, Rune, Jonatan, Bjorn, Signe and Frieda is taking the picture.  A very mixed group of Scandinavians!
 For dessert we had Toscatårta (kind of like coffee cake) and chocolate balls (though here they are called something very racially incorrect), both of which were also home made!  
 So, you can see why I am super full.  I think I had two plates! Then we all went around the table and did a very traditional "I am thankful for...." thing.  It was sweet, we all had the similar thing of being thankful for supportive family back home and for the new friends we have made here and how close we all are.

Then! I had a nice, surprise, video chat with the whole Addison/Massie clan in VA! Meaning Sam's family, this aunts and uncles and grandfather and some other relations.  It was really sweet and nice to see everyone. They all came down in the basement to talk to me on the computer even though dinner was finally ready.  It was nice to see everyone and know they are all doing well.  Mr. Massie (Sam's grandfather) said, maybe 5 times, "Hurry home!" and it made me laugh.

This week at school (since this is Sweden, we have had normal school) we are doing two colors together in a piece.  Oh, this is a random picture of the sun setting over the factory on one random day when we actually had sun! 
 But, here is Marianne telling Kreste and Martin how to do the color technique... which diagrams on the floor.
 I have struggled all week with this... I can do the color part (I tried it last year) but I want to make a plate with a folded in lip around the edge so you can see both colors at once.  This is the closest I have come all week... a shard of a broken one.  
 Ok, that is a lie, it went better today... but still not going well.  It is so hard to fold in the lip on such a big piece... it is amazingly hot and I feel like I am folding the plate nearly in half! But I am looking forward to seeing what I made today.

This week I also dyed my hair! I decided to go a little blonder... when in Rome... I mean Sweden... might as well be blond! haha and my roots were really starting to show a lot:

 So, now I am much blonder! I really like it.  It worked well with the high lights from before it didn't get too one color.  There are some different shades of blond in there and it feels super nice and soft.
Today was my first day at school with it and NO ONE SAID ANYTHING! Sure, it was in a pony tail but still! But at the dinner tonight Signe noticed that it was different but she thought it was shorter at first.  Oh well... I guess then at least I know it doesn't look so bad that people notice... OR maybe it looks so bad that people don't want to say anything because it would be awkward!  eep! 

Ok, I have to go to bed... early day of school tomorrow! Hopefully I won't slip into a deadly turkey coma... I might die with bad hair... well... it is official.... I am going to have night mares of being at my own funeral... where they say I died of a turkey over dose... and people were like "she would have been so pretty if not for her weird hair.... bless her heart!"

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