Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one." ~Elbert Hubbard

Sorry about the delay with Papa's pictures from our last few days... I did, literally, need a few days to recover! I was so tired I slept TONS and did very little else except go to another Halloween party (which is weird since they don't really celebrate that here).

So, on Tuesday and Wednesday we did some hot glass sculpting.  I wanted Papa to see how different it is.  The glass is super hot, stone hard, slippery and heavy... I know that sounds like normal but it is a very different feel.  I made some more horses and Papa made some heads.

 This guy had some crooked ears and I think we put a sort of Rambo head band on him.

 Then I tried to do a horse laying down... which was harder then I imagined because it looked a lot like a turkey during the process.

After school on Wednesday  we went back to Boda, The Glass Factory to see their museum since it was closed on Monday.
 And walked around their exhibition.
 I love these glasses!
 And saw some really interesting pieces.  This piece is different sort of chambers somehow put together to make a vase.  I have no idea how! 

 Thursday we spent in the cold shop working on our sculptures and finishing up pieces for Papa to take back to the states with him.
 His two faces:
 A cow skull which he engraved a snake crawling around on.
 This may have been the reason why one Danish girl asked me "Theresa, is your father a cowwwwboy?!"  Then I heard Papa giggling in the corner and when I asked if he heard that he sings out "I wanna be a cowboy baby!" and I just looked at the poor Danish girl and she goes "well, he looks like a cowwwboy!" 
 The laying down pony!
 Two standing ponies.
 I finally finished this facet bowl.  I made one similar last year but this one has even more facets (sides cut into it) I think...
 70 beautiful, shiny blue facets :)  They aren't perfect but I like it all the same... I will never be a perfectionist. 
 And for Papa's last Swedish dinner we went to Ikea for meatballs and potatoes.  We decided he needed some Swedish food while here besides chocolate, pastries, beer, liverpastje and pickled herring (because we ate those nearly every day).
Papa left on Friday morning and I assume he made it home OK because I haven't heard otherwise.  I figure I would have found out at least through Facebook if he didn't make it home on time! I had a great time with him and I think he had fun too.  I know he wants to come back, so maybe one day he and Mama can come! All my teachers enjoyed getting to know him and thought he was really nice.  One Norwegian girl told me should could really tell he he was enjoying himself here just from watching us work.  My apartment was super quite without him, and I am going through bread much more slowly. 

Well, I will show you some pictures of what I have been up to in the past couple of days tomorrow! I imagine you have enough pictures for one day :)  Hopefully I will get back to regular updates again!


  1. what a treat- you guys made a book of memories. We look forward to hearing about the trip.
    Hugs T-M

  2. The ponies are so qute!!!! Yes Don did make it home safely!