Thursday, February 2, 2012

“Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called "walking."”

OK, it has been a long time... this is due to ALL the stuff that has been going on since last time I blogged!  In general I have:
 I named it Skarsgård the Silverado because it is kinda like my giant white polar bear... There have been some mixed reviews on the name but I am going to stick with it!  I luuuuuuve my truck!
 2. Drove across the south to Big Sky Country where they also have BIG flags EVERYWHERE!
And across "the world's most complex interchange" in Houston (I didn't take this picture but it was so HIGH up on those bridges that I felt like I could have!) I have never been more nervous or freaked out while driving a truck and trailer then I was on these roads... THANK GOD I didn't have my horse in the back!
 3. Moved into a new apartment! That's Sam at ours on the top right!
 It is a small one bedroom place, but it gets the job done!
 This is one of our two windows... we don't actually get any direct sunlight which is a bummer but maybe it will be good in the summer?
 4.  Sam started school!
 5. We attended a Scotch Whisky tasting... where I learned I am not a big Scotch person but some of them are good and surprisingly very different tasting... I think we might stick with the simple for now though.
 6.  Investigated the local hot shops! I went to Wimberley Glassworks first.  I had emailed them in November or December asking about a job and they said they were full so I was just going to introduce myself and see the place.  Well it turned into a random impromptu interview.  Where literally the owner goes "well there's our hot shop... go impress me!" 
 So, I walked into this hot shop and made a bowl.  It wasn't a particularly good bowl but it was a bowl all the same.
 So, the next week I went in for, I guess, a second interview when the production manager was in the hot shop.  So, I just hungout for the morning helping around the hot shop.  Apparently they were just seeing how I fit in and am to work with.  I guess it went well.  I ended up with a part time job!!! I will work at Wimberley Glassworks 2-3 days a week being an assistant and making little random things for the shop! Here is their website if you are interested, they make cool lighting installations mainly  I also introduced myself to some other glass blowers and they said they would call on me if they needed an assistant... so hopefully something will come of that. They are too small of an operation to be working all the time in the hotshop, just from time to time.

6. Got a hair cut! (and went blonder!)
7.  I am currently searching for another job to supplement the glass income pretty much every time I get on the computer.  I have applied to everything from government jobs (like before boo), waiting tables, working at a taco stand, Starbucks, personal assistants, grocery person... it is like I am too qualified for so much or completely unqualified.  At this rate I am going to get stuck with a job at Merry Maids... oh wait they didn't want me either... stupid maids!

8.  Finally got the truck (Skarsgård!) registered in Texas... which of course was a bureaucratic nightmare... stupid government agencies.
 but it is a pretty plate.  The classic one with a lone cowboy is sadly being phased out so this is the new SUPER patriotic one... Yay The Lone Star State! haha

9.  I have spent a considerable amount of time searching for a new home for my horse here in Austin!  I have been north, south, east and west... my brain is a jumble of farms, board costs and roads which don't make any sense.  But I think I have found a home for him in Elgin, which is just north of Austin.  They have lots of turn out and seem to be pretty low key and not a drama barn, it is called Step Aside Farm.
10.  I am also currently organizing getting my horse shipped to me in Texas from Virginia.  Hopefully he will be here next week!!!
11.  Sam and I have played some frisbee (disc) golf in the local HUGE cool park here, just a mile from our house!
12.  And, I have also taken advantage of Sam recently becoming friends with a bunch of other food loving people who have cook outs in awesome places like this!
 A rooftop... ok its the 10th floor of a super cool apartment building with a view of the capital building and a sweet pool which hopefully we can swim in soon!
 So, this is the group of cooking kids and two older dudes who lived right above the pool and decided to come down and join the party and bring some super delicious fish!

AND THE BEST THING>>>>> Tomorrow is my first day as a PAID GLASSBLOWER!!! I will tell you all about it! But for now just send good vibes to Texas! My goal is to make myself completely invaluable so they will hire me full time!  I will also try to post more... I don't think I will be so all over the place in the future and hopefully I will be making lots of cool glass and money!

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  1. Hi T- It is a great new adventure that you are on. I hope it all goes very well- Texas! But if you have to live in Texas it should be Austin.
    Let me know if you want to met an old friend of ours who lives there.
    I am sure she would introduce you to some of the fine things she loves about Austin.