Friday, June 10, 2011

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied." ~ Arnold H. Glasow

So, this week, it went by fast and slowly most of the school has left for summer vacation Officially the last day is Wednesday when we will have a little get together to say "goodbye".  

Tuesday we did more production for the cold shop.  We made super thick bowls for deep cutting, not very fun and then I made some of these big vases:
 Remember the top ice cream looking part will get cut off so they aren't as big as they look right now... but they aren't small either!  I think I made about 7 or 8! 
 I think it was Wednesday we watched Åke do a encalmo demonstration with the four colors you see below:
 He made an incredibly nice big bowl.  
 Thursday was Vegard's last day so we made BIG things.  Here is Åke helping us make giant bubbles:
 We got the thickest pipe we could fine, gather once...
 gather twice:
make a flask (or bottle) post like this:
 then gather a third time and have your assistant help you scoop and paper it:
 then bloooooooooooooow:
 and blowwwwww:
 and then go "ta-effin-da!"
 Then as usual Vegard turns to me and goes "your turn" so I tried too!
 It got so big that the blue metal rest started tipping over so I had to hold it with my foot.
 and I blew until I got dizzy and made this beauty!
 Before all this crazy bubble blowing in the morning we made BIG plates!  Vegard did a very nice one with white inside and black on the outside.  Then I did this monster which didn't turn out great but I am still pretty happy.  It has a metallic black inside and blue opaque outside which made a really nice color: 
 so pretty!
 and floppy
 and HOLEY!!!
but.... HUGE!
 I weighed it on a really old scale where I had to hold it then get off and weigh myself so, it weighs between 3.5 and 4 kilos (7.7 - 8.8lbs)!!! Then I smashed!
 Hahahaha did you see that coming?!?! Well, I decided that I liked the colors so much that I could smash it and save it and next year do some fusing or use the pieces to make some jewelry or something pretty!  And, now you can't tell there was a hole in the bottom!

Yesterday and today I had my last lessons at the Nybro Riding Club Stables.  I rode grumpy old Poseidon... he doesn't like the heat it turns out.  Yesterday we rode outside in the light rain which was nice and cool but a bit slippery in the grass.
 This was our course:  I didn't jump this big I jumped around 2'9" and this is probably 3'3".
 Poseidon really hates that red wave jump and way to the right there is a tree that fell and I even got him to jump that one!  
 There was a Swedish combination, which we made it through on the first try and lots of stand alone oxers which are always a bit intimidating for me.  Pia gave me some really good advice which was "don't think just jump, just ride" because she says I do well until I think he might stop and then of course he does.  She says that I have really good balance and somehow always land on the horse so I shouldn't have anything to be afraid of, she has seen me stay on over jumps like no one else... which is not really how I want to be remembered here in Sweden but oh well.
Today at school I cleaned all day, in the morning I swept the hot shop and cleaned away the debris from the glory holes and in the afternoon I cleaned the flame working station in the cold shop then got to go home early... so I cleaned my kitchen, bathroom and living room!  I am so excited for Valerie and Jenny (two of my best friends from high school) to arrive on Sunday I am busily cleaning and packing and arranging things!!! 

This weekend will be filled with laundry, cleaning, organizing and hopefully enjoying my last weekend here then VAL AND JENNY ARRIVE Sunday afternoon!!!

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